Norway has many great beaches, from the dramatic and beautiful in the north to the serene and idyllic in the south. You will have to be a bit of a viking to swim in the north, but the water is crystal clear and the sand is shining white. Allemannsretten (all man´s right to roam) in norway permits you to fully explore the terrain, but here are some suggestions for a favourite spot in the sun. 

Ingierstrand, Oslo
Renovated in 2013, this historical place was drawn in 1934 by architects Schistad and Moestue. The season starts in May and ends in September, and the restaurant is open every weekend Friday to Sunday. 

Åkrasanden, Karmøy
Named the most beautiful beach in Norway several times, this is a serene beach with white sand and crystal clear blue water. It´s got a mediterainian vibe, and the surrounding area offers great hiking opportunities. 

Ramberg, Lofoten
Ramberg beach lies on the northside of Flakstadøy and is a real pearl in Lofoten. It´s easy to get there from the road. Right by the beach lies Ramberg Gjestegård where you can have lunch, and if you want to be active, Lofoten Adventure Company offers you to try snorkeling, stand up paddle board, surfing, and kitesurfing.

Bystranda, Kristiansand 
This is not only a nice beach, with palm trees (!) it also has a location that very few beaches in Norway can compete with: It is located right in the middle of  the city of Kristiansand, hence the name. This part of Norway offers the best summer weather, the city has many fine eateries and many other opportunities for entertainment, which makes it a great summer destination. 

Mjelle, Bodø
Right outside Bodø, easy accessible by car and then a short walk to get to the beautiful and secluded beach, made famous by musician Terje Nilsen who wrote a song about it.

Hauklandstranda, Lofoten
Haukland beach is located in the middle of Lofoten, at the north side of Vestvågøy, only10 minutes with car from Leknes. A perfect and beautiful family beach, and you can park right by the beach.

Solastranden, Stavanger
Perfect for windsurfing, and with a great golf-course, spa, and hotel right by, this beach close to Stavanger is very popular. It´s super long and also shallow, which is why it´s perfect for windsurfing. 

Orresanden, Jæren
Norway´s longest beach. Orresanden is popular all year long, and is perfect for all kinds of surfing. This beach could be a part of the journey on the National Tourist Routes in Norway. 

Huk & Paradisbukta, Oslo
Easy to get to by bus from Oslo city center, these two favourites are very popular. Huk is the more crowded one with lots of youngsters, a volleyball court, and a nice restaurant. Paradisbukta beach is more tranquil and family friendly.

Storøyodden, Bærum
Family friendly and spacious, this area has something to offer for everyone. The area is renewed for 30 millions.  Storøyodden has 50 acres for sunbathing and playing and a large beautiful sandy beach. The service facilities includes a toilet and a kiosk .