Working in Norway

How to find a job
The Norwegian employment office NAV, can help you. If you can’t find a job via NAV, there are several employment agencies that distribute all kinds of jobs, including part time and summer jobs. The largest ones are Manpower, and Adecco. Other sources are the website FINN and ads in Norwegian newspapers, and of course contacting the place you want to work directly, with an application and a CV. Remember to follow up by telephone.

Tax and “skattekort”
You can work in Norway from the age of 13. Before you start working you need a “skattekort” that determines your tax rate, and must be handed to your employer when you start working. In Norway you pay tax as a percentage of your income if you make NOK 55 000 or more. If you plan to earn less than this amount you apply for a “frikort” (Free Card). Information about “skattekort” and the rules regarding working in Norway for Norwegians can be found by clicking on the Norwegian Tax Administration websites.
The Norwegian Tax Administrations international website, provide information about the rules regarding working in Norway that apply if you are not holding a Norwegian passport.