The Annual Meeting approved the proposal from the Board to merge NWW and NORAM.

Sixty out of 530 voting members attended the Annual Meeting, held on Monday, June 8 at 6:00 p.m. Twentysix members attended the meeting digitally and 34 by submitting Power of Attorneys.

During the meeting, the Board presented he arguments supporting the merger. Nordmanns Forbundet has been operating with a deficit for decades and our equity is low. Great effort has been put into reversing the situation, but membership fees and other income have not been sufficient to cover our expenses.  Membership fees accounted for 4.2% of revenues in 2019. Merging NWW with the sister organization Norway-America Association will create a more powerful organization and secure the heritage and values ​​of NWW.

An open discussion took place during the meeting. The proposal of merger required a 2/3 majority, involving new statutes as well as a change of name. The merger was finally approved by 44 votes in favor. 14 voted no and 2 voted blank. The proposed new Board members were also elected during the meeting, with Peder Chr. Løvenskiold as the new Chair.

The new organization’s name will be Norway-America Association, promoting transatlantic cooperation and lifelong learning through academic and cultural exchange. How the new organization will serve members living outside of North-America, is yet to be decided. The new Board, together with the administration, will evaluate various solutions, meeting the interests of our members. More information will follow. We kindly ask for a little patience, as there is much to be discussed in connection with the merger. All current members are considered members of the new organization.


  1. Constitution of the meeting, election of 2 persons to sign the protocol
  2. Annual Report 2019
  3. Annual Accounts 2019
  4. Proposal of a Merger between NWW and Norway-America Association (NORAM)
    Presentation of the proposed Merger, including new Statutes (and new Name), election of a new Board and Election committee, incorporating members of the Norway-America Association (NORAM) and incorporating funds from the dissolved Norway-America Association (NORAM).
  5. Any other business

The meeting was held digitally Monday, June 8 from 18:00 – 19:30 Norwegian time (note change of time).

Members having paid the membership fee for 2019 or 2020, as well as members holding lifetime memberships, were invited to attend the Annual Meeting.

Documentation for the meeting  (some are only in Norwegian)
Annual Report and Annual Accounts 2019

Signed agreement NWW and NORAM

Proposal to merge NWW and NORAM

Proposal of Statutes Norway-America Association

Proposal of Board candidates Norway-America Association

Power of Attorney Annual Meeting 2020