Norwegian American; Home away from home

Max Hansen is sleepless in the Midwest. He is a theatre director on tour across the US. It’s possible that he has turned into an American. He hasn’t been home for over 20 years. If it was up to him he would never have left the place he was born, a suburb to Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, where kids could make as much noise as they wanted while their fathers were working on the oil rigs in the North Sea, and where a heavy silence descended on the houses when they returned. But no one gets what they want.

Max, Mischa and the Tet Offensive is a novel about the question anyone who has ever left home sooner or later has to ask: How long do you have to be away before it becomes too late to go home? In 2005 Johan Harstad published his first novel, Buzz Aldrin, what happened to you in all the confusion? which was later adapted into a TV-series and sold worldwide. His latest novel has made the critics rave with enthusiasm.

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