We have examined how the new proposed law on dual citizenship can impact your citizenship status. Find the case that applies to you and check your status.

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The Norwegian government has finally presented a proposed new legislation that will allow dual citizenship. This means that many who have given up their Norwegian citizenship, soon can apply to get it back. Find the case that applies to you and check your status here.

Remember, these changes are not set in stone, yet, and we have the ability to influence the politician to change the proposed legislation. If you have concerns and feedback, please contact us at: info@nww.no.

I’m 22 years or older and have had to give up my Norwegian citizenship to obtain another citizenship

If you’ve lost your Norwegian citizenship by acquiring another citizenship, with the new law you can get your Norwegian passport back. These are the requirements:

  • You can document that you’ve stayed in Norway for a total of at least six months before turning 22 years
  • You can provide a police certificate documenting reasonably good conduct

Filing for reclaim of Norwegian citizenship will cost 1500 NOK.

I’m over 22 years old and have lost my citizenship because I’ve been living abroad

If you have been living abroad most of your life, and you have lived less than two years in Norway (or seven years in any other Nordic country) before turning 22, you will most likely have lost your Norwegian citizenship. Note that this only happens if you already have another citizenship from birth.

It will not be possible to retroactively regain your citizenship, as the changes of the new law only apply to former Norwegians who have renounced their passport to obtain another citizenship.

However, it’s still possible to get a Norwegian citizenship, but this is regulated under stricter regulations. The law demands that:

  • You have lived in Norway in at least one of the last two years
  • 300 hours of Norwegian language classes or can prove a similar level of Norwegian
  • Sufficient knowledge of Norwegian society. You must take a test to prove this.

With the current proposed bill, this application will cost 4200 NOK.

I’m living abroad but have not turned 22 yet. Will I keep my Norwegian citizenship under the new law?

The new law will continue to require that persons living abroad, who were given Norwegian citizenship by birth, must have lived at least two years in Norway or a total of seven years in any Nordic country before reaching 22 years of age to keep their Norwegian citizenship without having to apply to keep it.

However, permission can be granted by application to persons who have not lived two years in Norway but can prove that they have stayed in Norway for a total of six months before turning 22 years of age. The total does not have to continuous and can be the sum of many short stays. This is called “bibehold” in Norwegian, or retention of Norwegian citizenship. If the requirement of six months stay in Norway before turning 22 is not met, you can be assessed for Norwegian citizenship on the grounds of “adequate ties to Norway".

An application to grant retention must be sent the Norwegian government before the person turns 22 years (although the law allows some leniency based on the circumstances).

If you qualify to keep your Norwegian citizenship, under the new law you will be legally allowed to keep the Norwegian citizenship along with other citizenships.

The new law does not propose any changes to the requirements of “adequate ties" to Norway. It is still unclear what “adequate ties" means. In these cases, it’s up to the case officer to make a comprehensive assessment of the specific case.

I will reclaim my Norwegian passport under the new law. Can my children also become Norwegian citizens?

If you have reclaimed your Norwegian citizenship under the new law, your children under 18 years will have the right to apply for and become Norwegian citizens if the following requirements are met:

1) They are under 18 years old

2) They live in Norway

3) They have identification papers

4) They have not been sentenced for any crime

Persons over 18 years with parents who have reclaimed their Norwegian citizenship under the new law, do not qualify to apply for Norwegian citizenship simply on the cause of their parents reclaimed citizenship. They may however apply for Norwegian citizenship on other grounds.

Applying for Norwegian citizenship for this group of children will cost 4200 NOK.

I’ve adopted the citizenship of a Nordic country

If you have lost your Norwegian passport because you’ve become a citizen of another Nordic country, you can reclaim your Norwegian citizenship by notifying the Norwegian authorities. The only requirement is that you live in Norway. If you still live abroad, you can still apply to get your Norwegian citizenship back, but you have to pay a fee of about 1500 NOK or more.

The same rule applies for children under 18 years of former Norwegian citizens with a Nordic passport, as long as their parents have reclaimed their Norwegian citizenship and as long as the children live in Norway.


Happy or disappointed about the new law? Tell us! Send an e-mail to info@nww.no. If you have questions regarding a specific case, please become a member of Norwegians Worldwide and let us help you!