Our Representatives are the main contacts in different regions for both the administration and our members. They do an important job of recruiting members and organizing various events.

Do you want to become a Representative?
All members of Norwegians Worldwide can apply to become a representative of the organization. As a representative your name and contact information will be available on our website so that others who live or travel in your region can make contact.

You will also be the main point of contact for us in the administration within your region. We would like to hear from you from time to time.

How much work should I expect as a Representative?
We highly value the work being done to recruit members, organize meetings etc., however the activity of each individual representative is voluntary and varies from person to person.

Want to be representative? Send us an email to with some information about yourself, where you live, what you want to contribute with, how long you’ve been a member, etc. and we will get back to you soon. We also welcome our new members to become representatives.


If you have contact with many Norwegians/friends of Norway in your area and you want an even more active part of the organization you can start a local chapter. A chapter may earn income by receiving 25% of membership dues when recruiting new members and 15% for continuing members. Chapters can also sell advertising for our webpage and receive 30% of the ad price. This money goes to the chapters bank account and is intended to help cover the costs you may have in connection to chapter-related activities. For detailed instructions on how to start a chapter please send us an e-mail to