This year, the students will experience a good portion excitement and physical challenges combined with cultural and historical content.

In the climbing park, High and Low, the runs go from three to three in different difficulty levels – from the easier runs to the more advanced. The park is an acrobatic oasis where the runs consist of zip-lines, multiple suspension bridges, tunnels, ladders, balance, and rope elements. Here everybody should find their challenge!

At Heddal stave church, we will have a guided tour in the church – the largest stave church in Norway. Many think this is the most beautiful of them all! The stave church, with three towers as special feature, shows a masterwork of Wood. The church is of national importance. The church was built in the early 13th century and is still in use. We will also have a guided tour at Heddal old courtyard that lies just by the church. At Heddal old couryard, we find 15 buildings from the middle age and up to 1930, so we will experience the changes in Norwegian houses over time.

We will also visit Notodden, that together with Rjukan, is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Notodden was the starting place for the first successful industrial production of fertilizer, something the improved crops and increased food production in the world. The students will learn about the developments of the production of fertilizer. We will also have time for some sightseeing in Notodden as well.