Mike McIver

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Vice President 
Harald Tjorhom

Tone McGregor

Erik Ringnes

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Shirley Ouren

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Randi Ringnes

The Phoenix chapter, started in 1959, manage their own website www. aznorseman.org, where they post events, news, and facts and information about the chapter. They have many different events including a Viking dinner, fenalår dinner, Christmas bazaar, ‘juleterfest’, ‘rekefest’, Norwegian baking day and much more.

Every other month, they highlight a different “Featured Local Story” about what is going on within the Norwegian-American and/or Scandinavian community in Phoenix. It could be anything relevant for the local audience: from recent chapter events to a Norwegian celebrity moving to Phoenix, from sharing their travels in Norway to writing about a favorite Scandinavian restaurant in town. If you have Nordic news you want to share with our Phoenix community, e-mail infoaznorseman.org.