Norway allows double citizenship from 2020 and the UDI (the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) has launched a new electronic application form that is able to automatically collect information from other Norwegian authorities, and you can therefore deliver fewer documents than before.

The new forms will be easier to fill out, and you will get information about what documents you must bring with you to the Police or Embassy in your specific case.

Before the summer of 2020, the UDI will begin to process some of the applications automatically. This will only apply to those who use the new forms. “Automatic processing” means that a computer uses the information the systems already have about you, and considers whether you can become a Norwegian citizen without an officer looking at your case. If there is no doubt that you fulfill the requirements to become Norwegian, your application will be processed automatically and you will receive faster answers.

If they need to investigate something, or there is any possibility of the application being rejected, the application will be processed by executive officers at UDI.

Do you have questions about dual citizenship? We asked members what they would like to know about the new citizenship law. In our podcast on the topic, Kjetil Jacobsen. Head of citizenship in the UDI answered all your questions.

On the UDI website you can find more information on what applies to your situation:

  • I want to get back my Norwegian citizenship
  • I am a Nordic citizen and want to become a Norwegian citizen
  • I am planning or have already applied for Norwegian citizenship
  • I got Norwegian citizenship when I was born and am under the age of 22
  • I have become a Norwegian citizen but have been told to renounce (give up) my previous citizenship
  • I have been given a promise of Norwegian citizenship
  • I am Norwegian and want to become a citizen of another country

You can also find more information here

Please note that you must also check whether the country you already are a citizen of accepts that you get dual citizenship, or if you will lose your citizenship automatically if you also become a Norwegian citizen. You must check this with the authorities in this country, for example through an Embassy.