- This is very good news for Norwegians living abroad, said Hanne K. Aaberg, Secretary General of Norwegians Worldwide, about dual citizenship finally being presented to parliament.

– Today, we have good reason to praise the government, Aaberg said.

The Norwegian government will now present a bill to Stortinget (parliament) that will allow dual citizenship.

– This has great emotional and practical significance for our members. Many Norwegian families abroad are strongly affected by the proposed bill, Aaberg said.

Norwegians Worldwide (NWW) is the only organization representing Norwegians living abroad and has actively been working to allow dual citizenship in Norway. A change to the Citizen’s Act will have profound influence on the daily lives of Norwegians residing outside of Norway.

– Today we have good reason to praise the government. Many Norwegians have settled down abroad due to studies, work and family, but still feel a strong sense of belonging to Norway. They are important ambassadors for Norway and a resource for the country. For many Norwegians abroad, dual citizenship will help them stay connected to Norway and enable them to contribute to Norwegian society, Aaberg said.

The proposed bill will be processed by Stortinget this fall. Norway is today the only Nordic country, and one out of six countries in Europe, that still does not allow dual citizenship.


Norwegians Worldwide
Oslo, August 22, 2018

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