If you plan to move back to Norway with a foreign partner, you may need to apply for residency or family immigration. Fortunately, you will find all the information you need on UDI's website.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is the agency in Norway dealing with immigration, family reunification and citizenship issues. UDI’s updated website is a great resource for many Norwegians abroad.

Norwegians living abroad sometimes find a partner or spouse from another country. Some have international families, or take another citizenship because of their career. Therefore, when going back home to Norway again, many find themselves needing to contact UDI.

Now, there is no need to call them only to be put in line. Check out UDI’s web pages for updated, useful and understandable information.

Customized information for you

There are many laws and regulations linked to immigration and family reunification in Norway. Often it can be difficult to navigate through all the information. It’s also not always straightforward what’s applicable to your particular situation.

When UDI launched their new websites some time ago, many Norwegians abroad were very pleased. Whether you or a family member want to apply to live in Norway, has applied or has received a decision, the UDI website customizes the information to you.

The website has been built so that you must answer a number of questions in order to be shown the correct information for your situation. You choose amongst others what type of stay you want, which country you apply from, what citizenship you and your family have, and whether the family has lived in an EU/EEA country earlier.

All information is available in both Norwegian and English.

How long is the processing time?

UDI also provides checklists for different types of applications, and it is easy to understand what documents must be ordered before sending an application.

In addition, the UDI has begun to indicate how long it will take to process different types of applications. This information is also adapted to your specific situation. The processing time is updated approximately once a month, so you always have the latest information available.

Take a look at www.udi.no/en/