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Norgesskolen is a three week summer school in Norwegian language and culture for children of Norwegian parents or for children that wish to maintain contact with Norway and Norwegian culture,    and wish to learn about the Norwegian school system.


Globalskolen is an institution which offers free education in the subjects Norwegian, Social studies and Religion & Ethics for pupils in primary and secondary school age living abroad. The teaching is online and is weekly based. The students and their teacher do not have to be online at the same time. This is a flexible program for the families, but still with a fixed structure throughout the school year. The offer is suitable for families who want to stay in touch with Norway and Norwegian schools.

Norsk Nettskole has developed and implemented the PedIT learning platform.This is a customized platform for web-based distance learning. It is specially designed for children and is being constantly developed further in line with our needs and demands. The company offers web-based courses and training to both the public and private sectors.

The Norway-America Association offers counseling and scholarships for higher education in the United States and Canada. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate and research studies.


The International Summer School (ISS), a part of the University of Oslo, offers a selection of six-week graduate and undergraduate courses every summer, welcoming over 550 students from nearly 100 countries from late June to early August. The ISS is a learning community of diverse students who come together to learn, network and increase understanding and good will between nations. This requires friendliness, frankness and tolerance among all involved.

Norwegian Folk High Schools: A year at any folk high school is a great preparation for higher education in Norway, and a great way to learn about Norway and the Norwegian language.

“Folk high schools are one-year boarding schools based on the idea of learning for life, not only for occupations and degrees. We provide an opportunity for you as a student to focus on subjects that interest you and to grow as a person, in a small and close-knit learning community without exams and grades. These are schools where you broaden your horizon, deepen your social insights, get more confidence in yourself, and learn tools for lifelong learning.”

International Schools in Norway: Here you can find an overview of some of the international schools in Norway. They are located in several parts of Norway and offer education in English, which could be a good way for those of you who have lived abroad for a period time to adjust to school in Norway.
For a complete list of IB schools in Norway, click here.

Useful information

ANSA – Association for Norwegian Students Abroad is a non-profit and independent organisation voicing the interests of Norwegian students who study abroad. Their aim is to maintain and promote the educational, cultural, political and economic interests of Norwegian students abroad. Currently nearly 20 000 Norwegian students are studying abroad in over 90 countries at over 1200 educational institutions worldwide.

Do you have any questions about studying abroad? ANSA has the answer!

The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service coordinates the admission to regular undergraduate studies at all the universities, university colleges, state colleges, and some private colleges in Norway.

The NUCAS admission system is primarily for Norwegian citizens and others with a permanent or renewable residence permit. In order to be eligible for admission, applicants must document their proficiency in Norwegian.

Studyinnorway.no is a portal for foreign citizens who wish to sudy in Norway. The site provides information about why and where to study in Norway. It also has useful information about the application process.

Norsksidene is a website for Norwegian grammar, litterature and more, which is created by Globalskolen.

Bokmålsordboka is a free online Norwegian dictionary.

Bergenstesten: The Bergenstest is a test in Norwegian proficiency and it consists of 4 parts: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, written language use, and oral language use. It measures proficiency at an intermediate level, and can be used for placement in education and employment settings. In Norway, it is given at least 3 times annually in each county. Read more about the test here (in Norwegian).

Utdanning.no is a website run by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Here you can find information about education and career opportunities in Norway, as well as an overview of all Norwegian high schools, colleges and universities.
Here you can also find an overview of online studies which is relevant for adults as well as youths.

The State Educational Loan Fund gives out scholarships and loans for higher education. The main rule is that you have to be a Norwegian citizen, but there is also funds available for citizens of ETTF, depending on your relation to Norway.