Originally Norwegian folk tales were not for kids, but told amongst adults. Today the Norwegian fairytales are adjusted to be more suitable to the ears of children. The Norwegian fairytales contain characters that are very typical for Norway, as Trolls living in the mountains, and “Huldra”, a beautiful woman with a cow’s tail that lured young men into the forest and into the mountain where they were captured. You also meet witches and talking animals. The animals portrayed in Norwegian fairytales are Norwegian forest animals like fox and bears, and household animals like pigs and chickens.

The tales usually have a sense of moral and they often portray good vs. evil and the hero always wins in the end. However the hero sometimes can do “bad” things and he wins by doing smart tricks. Sometimes the hero is a good character, and then he receives help from magical or supernatural characters. The fairytales are also characterized by a sense of humor. The classic fairytale collection by Asbjornsen and Moe is translated into many languages with great accuracy.