- We have been waiting for a long time! said Hanne K. Aaberg, Secretary General of Norwegians Worldwide. We are very pleased that the government will change an outdated and unfair legislation that has major consequences for Norwegian families around the world. This is of high priority for us and we are happy for everyone who is affected by the ban on dual citizenship.

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug announced on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 that the Government is in favor of changing the Citizens’ Act that would allow for dual citizenship.

Secretary General Hanne K. Aaberg is pleased the government wants to amend the Norwegian Citizens’ Act.

– The government now demonstrates it understands that Norwegians are more mobile than before, said Secretary General of Norwegians Worldwide, Hanne K. Aaberg. We travel abroad to study and work, and some start families. Many Norwegians move in and out of Norway several times throughout their lives, with the consequence that family members may have different citizenships. It creates problems and makes it difficult to move home.

– Norwegians abroad make up an important and unrecognized resource for Norwegian society. Allowing dual citizenship is a fundamental issue for Norway’s relationship with all Norwegians living and working abroad. Norwegians who retain their Norwegian citizenship maintain a strong bond to Norway, and can also participate as full-fledged citizens in the country they work and live in.

Today, Norway is the only country in the Nordic region, and one of few in Europe, that does not allow dual citizenship.

– It’s good that Norwegian legislation now will be in line with our neigbours and most Western democracies, Aaberg said.

Despite the good news, there’s a long road ahead before any proposal comes into effect.

– Now we will take a closer look at the impending proposal from the government. It will be interesting to see who will be affected by the amendment and whether it will have retroactive effect. Can someone for instance reclaim Norwegian citizenship if they previously have been forced to give it up? We will keep following the case, and ensure the safeguarding of the interests of Norwegians abroad, Aaberg concluded.