National Tourist Routes

Text: Maria Vang Ormhaug                                               Photo: Ken Schluchtmann,

Sometimes, the journey is the destination. National Tourist Routes have outlined beautiful road trips out of the ordinary. Along the way there are spectacular viewpoints and bold, innovative architecture in the middle of the magnificent Norwegian nature.

Trollstigen With 11 twisty turns, Trollstigen was opened in the summer of 1936, and in 2005 it was incorporated into the Geiranger Fjord UNESCO World Heritage Site. Drawn by Reiulf Ramstad Architects, this plateau in Trollstigen makes for an unforgettable pit stop. Not for those afraid of heights! This architectural gem has received international attention.

Det kjente utsiktspunktet Stegastein på Nasjonal Turistveg Aurlandsfjellet. Arkitekt: Todd Saunders, Saunders & Wilhelmsen. ©Foto: Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen

Steep: The famous outlook point Stegastein at Aurlands Mountain. It juts 30 meters out into the air, and drops 600 meters down to the fjord. -The architect: Todd Saunders, Saunders & Wilhelmsen. The route runs from fjord to fjord across high mountains where snow remains most of the summer. The viewing platform at Stegastein is a natural place to make a stop and offers a dizzying view over the fjord landscape. The Nærøyfjord, included on the World Heritage List, offers breathtaking scenery. Photo: Jarle Wæhler

Amfi med gabionmur rundt servicebygg med kiosk og toalett ved Eggum, Nasjonal turistveg Lofoten. Steinbygningen på toppen er krigsminnet Borga; rester av en tysk radarstasjon. Arkitekt: Snøhetta AS. ©Foto: Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen

Gabion Walls: Amphi with Gabion walls around the service building with kiosk and toilets at Eggum, National Tourist Route Lofoten. The stone building on top is the remains of a German radar station from World War II. -The architects: Snøhetta AS. Photo: Jarle Wæhler

Solide rasteplassmøbler og terrengtrapp av betong ved Hellåga, Nasjonal turistveg Helgeland. Landskapsarkitekt: Landskapsfabrikken - Inge Dahlman ©Foto: Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen

Lunch with a View: Solid furniture of concrete at Hellåga in Helgeland. -Landscape architect: Landskapsfabrikken, Inge Dahlman. National Tourist Route Helgelandskysten is connected by six ferries, and offers a contrast-filled motoring experience through a verdant cultural landscape, peaks, glaciers, coasts and ocean currents. In the south you pass the Torghatten mountain with is characteristic hole and the peaks of The Seven Sisters, and in the north you can see the Svartisen glacier. Photo: Jarle Wæhler


His and Hers: Details from one of the most unique toilet facilities in Norway at Hereiane by the Hardanger Fjord, along Hardanger National Tourist Road 550 in Jondal. Architect: Asplan Viak, Knut Hellås / 3 RW – Susanne Pushberger. Photo: Hege Lysholm


Serenity in Senja: At Tungeneset in Senja, you can enjoy a sublime view of the mountains Okshornan and Ersfjorden. The brains behind this particular site are Code Architects. To get here: The road is an outward alternative to the E6 and Hurtigruten. The journey goes through changing scenery up and down hills and mountains, and in and out of fjords. Photo: Hugo Fagermo