Election Day is coming up on September 11. Here’s how Norwegian citizens can vote from abroad.

Norway’s parliamentary election will be held on September 11, 2017. But if you live abroad or are staying abroad on election day, you must vote before September 1.

Remember to vote before 1 September if you are residing outside of Norway. Photo: Bernt Sønvisen / Ap / Flickr

Good thing voting in advance already opened July 3 and you still have a little more time to go.

Bring your ID

When voting abroad, you do not need an election card (valgkort) which is usually distributed to all individuals with the right to vote and who are residing in Norway. To vote abroad, simply turn up to a polling station with a valid ID.

You are responsible for voting in time for the vote to be counted at 17:00 the day after election day. In other words, the earlier you vote, the better.


Where to vote

Voting in advance is arranged numerous places in Norway and in the world. If you happen to be in your home municipality before election day, you can cast your vote there, usually at the local city hall or public library. Check your municipality’s website for more information.

When voting from abroad, you will have to go to a Norwegian Foreign Service mission. Most Norwegian embassies, general consulates and consulates have polling stations and procedures to receive your vote. If you are unable to go to a Norwegian Foreign Service mission, you may also send your vote to your home municipality by postal mail.

You can find a list of your nearest polling station abroad here.

Find more information on the Election Directorate’s website.