At Norwegians Worldwide’s annual meeting in June, some changes were made to the Board and Advisory Council. Read about the new members here.

On June 26, Norwegian Worldwide had its Annual Meeting and an Anniversary Meeting. Whilst the Anniversary Meeting was dedicated to a lively debate on dual citizenship, the Annual Meeting focused on the organization and the way forward.

Business Developer Jenny Gørvell-Dahll was elected Norwegians Worldwide’s new board member, and Law Professor Anita M. Halvorssen joined the Advisory Council.

Board member for several years, Kari Amdam, left the board to attend her new position as Board Director of The Migration Museum in Hamar. We are thankful for her contribution to the organization for so long, and are happy that we will see her as the Chair of Norwegians Worldwide’s Election Committee.

The annual meeting welcomed newcomer Jenny Gørvell-Dahll. Jenny is interested in technology and environmental issues, and has been working with business development at Statkraft. She is now an entrepreneur. Her studies and work have brought her to live in Denmark, China, Singapore and Italy. She also spent a high school year in Baltimore, USA.

Read the full list of board members here.

Dr. Anita M. Halvorssen joined the Advisory Council, after Hege Gunnestad left after 12 years. Anita resides in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and is an expert on Environmental and Natural Resources Law. She is the Director of the international think tank Global Legal Solutions, LLC. She also teaches at the University of Denver, amongst others in International Law and Sustainable Development and Trade.

Read more about the Advisory Council here.

Both new members are excited about joining the organization, and especially enthusiastic about working for dual citizenship in Norway.