Meet Jesperpus, the Norwegian forestcat. He enjoys time relaxing at home with his family, and loves to be outdoorsy. Jesperpus lives in Hedmark, and so far he has been out skiing between 40 and 50 times. In addition to skiing, Jesper also has his own blog at Hamar Arbeiderblad websites, with some help from his owner, Aina Stormo. Read Jesperpus Blog. After she filmed him in action, Jesper has become quite the sensation on youtube. See Jesperpus in action!

Jespers fame started when Stormo gave him his own Facebook page. She is a bit owerwhelmed by all the attention, but also clearly very proud of her cat. Ever since he was a kitten she has posted a lot of pictures, of his activities like horseback riding, swimming and skiing. Jesper also enjoys a flight and sits patiently on his seat, looking out the window. 

Stormo has an education in agricultura and works with animals. She cares about animal welfare, and last Christmas she made a Christmas calendar with pictures of Jesper. The profits went to the Norwegian animal protection organization Dyrebeskyttelsen