Learning a new language is a great workout for your brain, it keeps you alert. It’s also a good feeling when you notice your skills improving, and you can communicate with others in a new way. If you want to learn Norwegian, there are many websites with online courses, like Skapago. For children between 9-18 Norgesskolen is a great way to learn, with a three week summer school in Norway. During the school year Globalskolen has online classes. A great app for learning languages for grown-ups as well as kids, is DuoLingo. It’s like a game, which makes it fun as well as useful. 
Before you start, it can be a good idea to set some goals. Where do you want to be in five weeks? Six months? What are your motivation for learning? Are you already living in Norway? If so, learning the language is a huge advantage socially and proffesionally. If you are living abroad, perhaps you would like to visit Norway, or speak to a relative or someone you know in Norwegian.
It’s important to keep up the motivation during the learning process. Perhaps you can team up with someone else who are also trying to learn Norwegian, that way you can motivate each other. We have listed up 5 great tips to get you started. Good luck! 
  • Put post-it notes directly on things around you in your home or at your office, with the correct spelling of the word.
  • Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to speak with you in Norwegian, or simply start a conversation in Norwegian.
  • Memorize vocabulary that is related to you, your everyday life and your work situation. The higher the interest level, the more motivated you get.
  • Listen to Norwegian radio, and watch Norwegian films and TV. NRK is free and you can watch it online abroad as well as in Norway. 
  • Try to get the language into your everyday life as much as possible, and don’t be shy, you are doing a great thing learning a new language.