For the 100th anniversary of our constitution, the Norwegian people were given a statue of former American President, Abraham Lincoln, by the people of North Dakota. North Dakota was, and still is, one of the American states with most people of Norwegian descent. When the statue was unveiled in 1914, the Governor of North Dakota, Louis B. Hanna, was present, as well as several emigrated Norwegians. The Lincoln monument was made by Norwegian-American sculptor Paul Fjelde.

This year we will have a ceremony by the Lincoln monument June 29 at 11 am, the same day as we celebrate 4th of July in the park. This year we are expecting several Americans of Norwegian descent, including relatives of some of the attendees 100 years ago. There will also be music by Kampen Janitsjar, and there will be speeches from both Norway and America.

After the event we will continue with the celebration of 4th of July in the park. Norwegians Worldwide will take part with our own booth at the big event organized by the American Coordinating Council of Norway, starting at noon. For more information about ACCN’s Independence Day celebration, click here.