Now the CEO of Kolibri Kapital, who lends money to microfinance activities in developing countries, Inger Prebensen lives in Oslo.  An attorney at law and banker, she has extensive experience from working in banking and finance in different parts of the world, and she lived abroad for 12 years. But it wasn’t until her last year abroad that she heard about Norwegians Worldwide and Norgesskolen.

Now she wants to change that for others. “I think I would have become a member, and that it would have been valuable for me, if I had known about Norwegians Worldwide sooner. That’s one of our biggest challenges; people need to know about us. I believe Norwegians Worldwide can function both as a contact to Norway, and between Norwegians who live abroad. We should be a hub for our current members, and at the same time create a bigger network,” she says.

Prebensen has previously worked in Williams and Glyn’s Bank, Ltd. in London and Norges Postbank. She was the first woman in Norway to lead a company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Kjøbmandsbanken). From 1996 she held top positions at The International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C. She has been part of the board in Norwegians Worldwide since 2008, and was elected President at our annual meeting in June.