Hege lives on Maui, Hawaii, with her husband Sean and son Noah. She has just reached 10 years abroad, all of which she has spent living on Maui.

“I honestly never thought it would come to this. 10 years! It is a milestone I have reached because Maui has taken me in, and I have completely fallen in love. I moved abroad with a strong feeling that this was only temporary; at least that’s what I told myself and others. Norway is the best country in the world and who in their right mind would want to leave forever? Now I am not so sure anymore. Don’t get me wrong, one can probably argue that Norway is the best country in the world, but Maui is a magical place that has cast its spell on me, and I am not sure this island paradise will release me," Hege says.

12 years ago, Hege met her American husband during a study abroad program in Spain. He is the reason she moved to the states. She has shared some advise about being a Norwegian abroad, read them HERE.

“I have often been told how brave I am for making this move, and even more so for staying abroad. I have come to realize that this has nothing to do with being brave. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way, including the courage it takes to get you there,” says Hege.

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