Text: Maria Vang Ormhaug

Norway has approximately 100 diplomatic and consular missions and 400 honorary consulates around the world. Being a Norwegian abroad, these are the people and offices you turn to for practical issues such as loss of passport, but more importantly, they do a formidable job when it comes to improving diplomatic relations, and promoting Norwegian interests abroad for business, research, and culture. They can also be an invaluable help in cases of tragedy, often in collaboration with the seamen’s churches around the world.

Like Norwegian Ambassador in Canada Mona Elisabeth Brøther put it:

“To be a diplomat is to be able to understand the culture where you serve, and at the same time promote your own country’s interests.”

We present a series of interviews with Norwegian Diplomats, Consuls and Honorary Consuls around the world, including an interview with our Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende, previously published in our magazine Norwegians Worldwide.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Honorary Consulate General of Minnesota

Embassy of Singapore

Embassy of Sweden

Embassy of Washington D.C.

Consulate General of Houston

Embassy of Berlin

Consulate of New York

Consulate of San Fransisco

Embassy of Canada

Embassy of Mexico

Honorary Consulate of Miami

Embassy of London