German educational therapist Gaby Hasenjürgen has written the book Memories of Our Fathers – stories of Suffering, Resistance, Courage and Hope. The book mainly contains the stories of former Grini prisoners during World War II and their families. Her own father was also a prisoner of the Nazis in WWII, and in her research for this book, she hoped to learn more about how he and other war prisoners found the strength to endure during their captivity.

In Gaby’s book, former prisoners of the Grini prison speak about their experiences in 1941 to 1945 and their strategies to cope, against the backdrop of Victor Frankl’s theory “Man’s search for meaning” and resilience research. The author tries to offer an insight into the forces and abilities that human beings can mobilise to overcome crises while keeping up hope, through frankl’s theory. She has also included the perspective of the former prisoner’s families, and how this has affected them.

Gaby Hasenjügen was born in 1961 and studied German literature, language and social science, and has as a teacher taken further training as a therapist for children with behavioral and learning difficulties. Memories of Our Fathers is her first book.

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