"The opportunities to help Norwegians abroad returning home are increasingly diminishing," sais Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ine Eriksen Søreide.

Minister Søreide held a press conference on Thursday, March 26th where she urged all Norwegians who have the opportunity to return home by scheduled airplane to return as fast as possible. She describes a world where travel opportunities are constantly narrowing as more and more are being closed in most countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives around 1000 inquiries a day from Norwegians abroad who want to go home. The Ministry has already 90 people who work around the clock in cooperation with the Norwegian embassies. The contract number to the Ministry in Oslo is +47  23 95 00 00.

“The situation feels scary and chaotic to many. Our highest priority is to help people home. But the window is closing fast”

Søreide had a clear message to Norwegians who are considering traveling abroad during Easter.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not advise traveling to other countries, unless travel is strictly necessary. Everyone must be aware of the possibility that the Norwegian authorities cannot help you much longer”.

Søreide asks Norwegians who want or need to stay abroad to contact their insurance company. She says that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in contact with the insurance organization Finans Norge to find solutions. Søreide also requests that Norwegians abroad register at reiseregistrering.no.

She says that Norway cooperates with other countries to help Norwegians return home. German authorities got a flight from Gambia, and a few Norwegian passengers were allowed onboard. We are trying the same method from Peru, she says.

The Ministry cooperates particularly close with the other Nordic countries, and they cooperate on joint Nordic flights back home.

“We have a tradition of helping each other in the Nordic countries. Norwegians abroad can request help at Nordic embassies”.