The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) has a long tradition of helping people to meet each other in the mountains, and last summer they launched the mountain pick-up rules, based on the original Mountain Code from 1967. First it was supposed to be an April 1st joke, but then it catched on in social media. The rules are: Those who are single should wear a green hat, if you are not single; red, and if “it’s complicated”; wear orange.

DNT also has a concept called Fjelltreffen, here you can search for a tour mate, perhaps for life?

The Mountain Pick-up Rules

1. Feel free to try out romancing in the mountains without exercise. Practice makes perfect!
2. Tell those you meet where you are headed, so you can meet again.
3. Show respect for the colors. Green hat means single, red hat means not single and orange means maybe open to contact.
4. Get stuck in a cabin because of the weather, and get an extra day with your love interest.
5. Always bring plenty of snacks that can be shared. The road to the heart often goes through the stomach.
6. Listen to experienced mountain romancers.
7. Remember your map and compass, so you can ask for help to use it.
8. Do not go alone; ask if someone will join you.
9. Turn back in time, there is no shame in running after someone to ask for their phone number.
10. Do not be greedy with your smiles, and laugh of bad jokes if necessary.

Source: DNT