The main topics for Norgesskolen this year were: Nature, environment and the outdoors. What is typical of the Norwegian climate, flora and fauna? What do Norwegian children and young people learn from spending so much time in the open air? How do Norwegians use nature? And not least, how should we take better care of it?

The students expanded their vocabulary, worked practically and in project groups applying all their senses. Outdoor life differs from country to country, and students shared their experiences of growing up in different cultures.

Playing volleyball on the beach. Being outdoors is an important part of Norgesskolen. Photo: Norgesskolen

They all experienced a Norwegian summer of learning and play, sunshine, swimming and many new friendships.

Some highlights from Norgesskolen 2019:

  • A forest trip to Håtvet and swimming in the mountain lake
  • Visiting berry and fruit farmers in Gvarv
  • Excursion to the mohair goats of Telespinn outside Seljord
  • Adventure tour on the Telemark Canal
  • Canoeing and tenting to Evju for the youngest
  • Mountain hiking and tenting on Lifjell for the older

Read more about Norgesskolen 2019 here or contact us at or call +47 23 35 71 70 for more information