Purpose and organization

§ 1. The aim of Nordmanns-Forbundet – Norwegians Worldwide – is to strengthen ties between Norway and people of Norwegian descent abroad, and unite friends of Norway everywhere in activities furthering Norwegian culture and interests.

§ 2. Pursuing this aim, Nordmanns-Forbundet organizes local chapters, publishes magazines and other printed material, furthers activities of informational nature, assists and advises Norwegians and people of Norwegian descent abroad, and collects material illustrating the history of emigration as well as the life and achievements of Norwegian emigrants.


§ 3. Everyone wishing to make a contribution to the aim of Nordmanns-Forbundet may become a member. Membership may also be extended to municipalities, companies, institutions and organizations at a fee determined by the Board of Directors. Life membership may be obtained upon payment of a fee equal to fifteen times the current annual membership fee. Every member has the right to receive such advice and practical assistance as the organization is able to offer, and to receive the organization’s publications.

Annual Meeting

§ 4. The Annual Meeting is the supreme authority of Nordmanns-Forbundet. The Annual Meeting is convened by the Board of Directors before the end of June. The meeting is conducted by the Chairman of the Advisory Council. All members of Nordmanns-Forbundet are entitled to attend the Annual Meeting. All members have the right to vote.  Decisions of the Annual Meeting are made by simple majority. In the event of a tie, the President has the deciding vote.

§ 5. The Annual Meeting shall consider the annual report and the audited accounts submitted by the Board, and shall determine the membership fee for the following year. The Annual Meeting shall consider all proposals submitted concerning the future work of Nordmanns-Forbundet, and shall decide on any amendments to the bylaws.

All proposals to be considered must be presented to the Board of Directors no later than at the end of April, for presentation to the Annual Meeting together with the recommendation of the Board.

The Annual Meeting elects:

  1. President and Vice President by separate vote, each for a term of one year.
  2. Up to 6 members to the Board of Directors, each for a term of two years, so that half of the members are elected each year. Furthermore, one member of the Board of the Norway-America Association is member of the organization’s Board of Directors ex officio.
  3. 20 members of the Advisory Council, half to be resident in Norway and half abroad, for a term of two years. One half of the Council members are elected each year.
  4. 3 members of the Nominating Committee, led by the Chairman of the Advisory Council, for a term of two years. The Nominating Committee shall propose candidates to be elected at the Annual Meeting.
  5. Auditor for a term of one year.

Board of Directors

§ 6. The Board of Directors consists of the President, the Vice President, up to six members elected by the Annual Meeting, and a member of the Board of the Norway-America Association ex officio. The Board of Directors directs the activities of Nordmanns-Forbundet. It prepares all business to be presented to the Annual Meeting, manages the funds of the organization, and appoints the Secretary General. The President and the Secretary General are authorized to independently sign on behalf of the organization.

The Board is summoned by the President, and a meeting of minimum three members, including the President or the Vice President, will constitute a quorum. Three Board members may demand a meeting of the Board in which case six members is enough for a quorum. In special cases the Board may call the Advisory Council for a joint meeting.

Advisory Council

§ 7. The Advisory Council consists of past Presidents and the 20 members elected by the Annual Meeting. The immediate past President is the Chair of the Advisory Council. The Council elects its Vice Chair.  The Advisory Council may, as a group or on an individual basis, assist the Board of Directors in furthering the goals of Nordmanns-Forbundet.

The Advisory Council is called for a joint meeting with the Board of Directors, prior to the Annual Meeting and otherwise when the Chair, three members of the Board or six members of the Advisory Council so demand.

Amendment of the Bylaws

§ 8. Proposals for amendment of these bylaws must be announced in Nordmanns-Forbundet’s  publications and must be presented to the Annual Meeting with the recommendations of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council.

A two-thirds majority is required for amendments to be valid.


§ 9. The Board of Directors can decide to dissolve Nordmanns-Forbundet upon presentation to and discussion of such a proposal with the Council and the Annual Meeting.  In such case, the Board of Directors shall have authority to dispose of all assets of the Federation in accordance with the aim of the organization.