Visit Ekeberg Sculpture Park in Oslo

Norwegians Worldwide was present at the opening of Oslo’s new attraction, the sculpture park at Ekeberg. We enjoyed hot dogs and lemonade in the park, bathing in sunshine this fall afternoon. Here we also met Christian Ringnes, the man behind the new park. He launched his idea of a sculpture park in the Ekeberg woods ten years ago. The park should be a tribute to women. The sculptures and the development of the park is financed by C. Ludens Ringnes Stiftelse.

The sculptures are spread out in the forest along trails which are easy to follow. Both modern art and traditional sculptures are represented in the park.

Whether the park should be created or not has been subject to a lot debate for the past years, but now the result is clear. In our eyes it is evident that Oslo has gotten a new tourist attraction, which is definitely worth a visit.