A Moroccan journalist is on the search for truth in a shady oil company in Rabat. "The Dirty Network" is a dramatic climate change thriller, and is NWW Council member Anita Halvorssen's first novel.

A Moroccan journalist stumbles upon a story that can make or break her career . . . or her life?

The Dirty Network is a thriller on environmental issues, written as a compelling fictional story to spread information about climate change.

Norwegians Worldwide Council member Anita M. Halvorssen is the novel’s author.

Zakia Kamir gets a note from a former boyfriend about his suspicions regarding the company he works for, an oil and gas company in Rabat, Morocco. She doesn’t respond, because her long-distance marriage is already hanging on a thread. Not a week later, he is incinerated in a fracking incident, which may not be an accident.

Zakia suspects that the oil company is cutting shady deals with someone in the government, illegally seizing Bedouin water rights in order to expand their fracking operations. The closer Zakia gets to the truth, the more danger she encounters.

When she is finally accused of murdering a Scottish climate scientist in Iceland–who happens to be her long-time friend and mentor –she realizes she needs to uncover the truth about the conspiracy to save herself.

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A native of Norway, living in Colorado, Anita has focused on teaching law and writing on environmental issues, especially climate change. She has a masters and a doctorate in law from Columbia Law School. Anita is s Director of Global Legal Solutions, LLC, an international think tank and consultancy and a member of the International Law Association’s Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise. Furthermore, she does pro bono work for the Legal Response Initiative, in conjunction with the UNFCCC climate change negotiations.

Rumor has it, Anita is already working on the sequel with Zakia again as the main character.

The Dirty Network will be on sale from December 19, 2018. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.