We have received a record number of early student enrollments, as well as a record number of applicants for the positions of teachers and counselors. Student admission is open on a first come first serve basis. The topic for Norgesskolen 2020 will be "Norway in the World".

Many people think of democracy, gender equality and the welfare model when Norway is mentioned. Or maybe pop music, stockfish and Norwegian suspense novels have made Norway most known abroad?

The students at Norgesskolen will take part in a knowledge journey on how Norway has influenced the world from the Viking Age until today. Based on their own experiences, students will explore what Norwegian values, products and natural resources have been exported and how we have influenced historical and political processes.

Norwegian children aged 9-18 from all over the world are invited to a fun and educational summer with Norwegian language classes, Norwegian culture and Norwegian outdoor life, creating memories for life.

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