- This is a joyous day for Norwegians living abroad, said Linn Helene Løken, Head of Communication in Norwegians Worldwide.

Linn Helene Løken in Norwegians Worldwide.

The Norwegian parliament (Stortinget) voted today for changes in the Citizen’s Act that open to allow dual citizenship in Norway.

– For many Norwegian families living abroad, there’s reason for jubilation today. This will make their lives easier and will have great emotional significance, Løken said.

Many Norwegians reside abroad because of studies, work and family, but still feel a strong sense of belonging to Norway. Dual citizenship will give them the opportunity to keep the connection to Norway.

– Norway will finally be in line with the rest of the world now that we allow dual citizenship. This acknowledges Norwegians abroad as an important part of the Norwegian community, Løken said.

Norwegians Worldwide (NWW) is Norway’s only volunteer organization representing and safeguarding Norwegians living abroad, and has been actively engaged in the case for dual citizenship for a long time.

– Dual citizenship will also contribute to strengthen democracy because Norwegians abroad now have a chance to participate in the society where they live without losing the connection to Norway, Løken said.