Crime Series
“Påskekrimmen” is an exciting ( hopefully) and important part of the Easter holiday. Many Norwegians are traveling to their cabins at Easter, and in the middle of the woods or up in the mountains, the atmosphere is set for a spooky evening with subsequent discussions about who the the killer is. If you are outside Norway, see NRK’s Easter crime free on NRK’s website.

During Easter the temperatures are usually warmer than winter, but there is still snow in the mountains. Combined with the holidays, this is a good time to go skiing. On these trips, oranges and chocolate are necessary ingredients for a perfect day. Do not forget sunglasses and sunscreen, as the mountain sun is strong and it is important to protect your eyes as well as your skin. And before you set out on a long journey: read the Norwegian mountain code.

Easter Eggs
Another Easter tradition is to fill Easter eggs with candy and then hide them around the house so the kids can go egg hunting before enjoying the result. And fortunately, one is never too grown up for Easter eggs.

Daffodils (Easter lilies)
It’s always nice to have an opportunity to buy flowers and daffodils sets the mood for spring that is on the way. Supply with yellow napkins and candles to make the Easter mood complete.

Easter Chickens
Cute little easter chicken figurines live happily deep in the closet the rest of the year, and is taken out every year around Easter.

Painted Eggs
Make a small hole in each long end of the egg and blow out the contents. Rinse the eggs and dry them. Now they are rady to be painted, and make for great table decorations, often in combination with feathers and clipped branches. The eggs can be painted with ordinary water paint.

Once you have painted egg has a good reason to make an old classic: eggedosis, a type of eggnog! Beat eggs and add sugar, then you have a wonderful drinkable dessert.

Easter Marzipan
The yellow hummingbird marzipan with sprinkles is an Easter classic.

Crime Novels
If the weather does not turn out the way you might have hoped, and you spend the day inside, reading is an inspiring and relaxing activity. For example, you can read Snømannen by Jo Nesbø.

Happy Easter!