Digital viewers around the world are increasing to higher volumes every day. The interest taken in Nordic film and tv productions over the last years has even resulted in a new highly demanded category – the Nordic genre. Now American viewers can enjoy Norwegian films through a streaming channel.

Films of Norway lets you stream Norwegian films in the US. The man behind the idea, Norwegian Geir Mæland, had worked with importing American film to Norway for years, when he came up with the idea to bring Norwegian films to USA.

His background is from film distribution and he has been a player in the market since “the VHS time”. Most of the films he and his team at Hollywood film distributed was American productions, distributed in Scandinavia via cinema, Video, TV and digital platforms.

He always had a passion for movies, and he has a special place in his heart for movies from his home country – Norway. As in the recent years, the quality of the Norwegian film productions have reached a top level, Geir started dreaming about the possibility to bring Norwegian movies to a global marked. 

The success of Netflix, Itunes and others were inspirational so in 2011 Geir started the work of the Films of Norway concept and it was launched in March 2016.

According to Mæland, The main vision of films of Norway is to be a bridge between content producers, and an audience that wish to be entertained (or enlightened) via their own device, whenever they want. The simplicity of digital distribution has been revolutionary when it comes to consumer experience. Mæland says that Films of Norway wants to be part of this revolution by offering to American audience the best of Norwegian culture.

Learning by Watching
As the majority of the content has Norwegian dialog, the viewer has a choice of English subtitles.  This means that films of Norway members have the chance to learn (or improve) their Norwegian language skills while being entertained or enlightened. 

The service is currently open to viewers in USA, but the aim is to go global.  There is often contact and interest from people in other countries, wondering when the service will be open to them. 

Films of Norway have a good base of titles and programs in its selection and are acquiring new titles. One of the latest acquisitions is the charming tractor “Little grey Fergie” that is very popular among the children, according to Mæland.

This 17 of May, a live streaming of the program “Gratulerer med dagen” was successfully shown in collaboration with NRK.  “The shares and likes of post on social media has in some cases been overwhelming, which proves a genuine interest in Nowegian movies and culture,” says Mæland.

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