A committee of seven representatives from the Norwegian film industry and the Norwegian Film Institute chose three films for the shortlist to the Oscar Academy. 1001 Gram by Bent Hamer, Blind by Eskil Vogt and Letter to the King by Hisham Zaman.

1001 Gram has now been selected as the Norwegian candidate, to compete for the Oscar award for best foreign language film.To be eligible for this category the film may not have been produced in the United States, and 50 percent of the dialogue must be in a language other than English.

Several of the Norwegian films that could have been nominated, was left out because of this. Among others Miss Julie and A thousand times good night, both of which have been featured in articles in Norwegians Worldwide.

Norwegian films that have been nominated for Oscar‘s in the past include KonTiki (2013), Elling (2001), The other side of Sunday (1996), Pathfinder (1987) and Nine Lives (1957).

No Norwegian films have previously won the award in this category, but Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki won the Oscar for best documentary in 1950, and The Danish Poet won the Oscar for best animated short film in 2007.

Thursday January 15 it will be revealed if the Norwegian contribution will compete at the Oscars. The Oscar ceremony will be held February 22 in Los Angeles.

1001 Gram will come to Norwegian cinemas September 26.