A clear parliamentary majority calls for the government to come up with bill on dual citizenship as quickly as possible.

Abid Q. Raja Photo: Venstre

Last autumn, the Liberal Party proposed a number of measures they believe will make it easier to move between Norway and the rest of Europe, including yes to dual citizenship. Half a year later, the proposals have been treated by the Committee on Local Government and Public Administration .

– We should celebrate that more and more Norwegians decide for a foreign stay. It contributes with knowledge and inspiration to everything from business to cultural life, so it is so important that we welcome them with open arms when they get home, says proposer Abid Q. Raja of the Liberal Party to Norwegians Worldwide.

Eager to vote on dual citizenship
Although the Committee on Local Government and Public Administration (with representatives of the Labor Party, the Conservative Party, Progress Party, the Christian Democrats, the Center Party and the Socialist Left Party) does not necessarily want to adopt all the proposals from Liberals, it is clear that the majority wishes to vote on a bill for dual citizenship so as soon as possible:

“The majority of the committee, the members of the Labor Party, the Conservatives, the Progress Party, the Socialist Left and the Christian Democrats, ask the government to come forward with a bill “(for dual citizenship)” as quickly as possible.”

The government has had a proposed law on dual citizenship in hearing throughout the winter, but since the consultation deadline expired on 20 March, it has been quiet from Minister Jan Tore Sanner, who is responsible for the legislative work.

Siri Gåsemyr Staalesen Foto: Bernt Sønvisen

Labour: Not decided

The Labour Party, which has not previously wanted to address dual citizenship, has now joined the call for progress in the legislative work:

– This is an issue many are concerned with. Therefore, we want to get a thorough and quick clarification. We decide on double citizenship when the case is being discussed in the Storting, “says the parliamentary representative of the Labour Party, Siri Gåsemyr Staalesen, to Norwegians Worldwide.

Thus, only the Center Party says that they have decided to vote against dual citizenship.

Norwegians Worldwide impatient 

Hanne K. Aaberg, NWW Secretary General

The impatient majority of votes receives full support from Norwegians Worldwide:

Norwegians Worldwide wants to get dual citizenship as quickly as possible, preferably yesterday. We join the majority of the Committee on Local Government and Public Administration for an early vote in the Storting, says Secretary General Hanne K. Aaberg.

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