Do you live abroad and have questions about income, wealth, property, loan or inheritance tax in Norway? In collaboration with the Norwegian Tax Administration, we've prepared a Q&A to guide you through.

This overview of Norwegian taxes is intended as a guide for the many Norwegians who are living abroad. In our digital survey conducted among 2,200 Norwegians living all over the world, three main reasons emerged for leaving their homecountry: work, study and love. Very often it’s a combination of several reasons. Studying or working abroad, life may have taken a different turn if you found the love of your life abroad.

But having connections to more than one country, affects both economic and tax matters. Soon you may have income, wealth, property, loans or inherit both abroad and in Norway.

In cooperation with the Norwegian Tax Administration’s department director Regine Hatleskog Vastvedt, we address the following topics:

  1. Moving abroad, what do I have to think about?
  2. Tax conditions in Norway
  3. How to tax-emigrate from Norway
  4. Moving back to Norway
  5. Communicating with the Tax Administration

Due to the Covid-19, we were not able to record a podcast in the studio as originally planned. Instead, our Q&A in Norwegian is available here