NWW’s Linn Helene Løken (from left), Head of Communication, Georg Broch, Acting Secretary General, and President Inger Prebensen.

On Tuesday Nov 6, 2018, Norwegians Worldwide participated in a parliamentary hearing on the Citizen’s Act in the Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration.

Prior to the hearing on Nov 6, 2018, Norwegians Worldwide sent a statement concerning the new dual citizenship bill now being discussed in parliament. Read it here (opens PDF in Norwegian)

We are very happy that the bill that will allow dual citizenship has reached parliament. Although we are very pleased with the content of the proposition, we would like it to be even more generous, so that more people will have the possibility to reclaim their Norwegian citizenship. Read more on what the new bill says here.

Watch our presentation on the Citizen’s Act in the parliamentary hearing here (from appx. 22:20).