- It is very disappointing that the government has not yet prioritized the bill on dual citizenship, said Secretary General Hanne K. Aaberg in Norwegians Worldwide.

Hanne K. Aaberg, Secretary General in Norwegians Worldwide. Photo: Linn Helene Løken / Norwegians Worldwide

Friday June 15 is the last working day at Stortinget (parliament) before summer vacation, and the government is still to present the new bill that will allow dual citizenship.

 – On behalf of all the Norwegians abroad who’ve waited for this for years, we are very disappointed that the government still has not presented the proposition that will allow dual citizenship for Stortinget (parliament). To be able to keep the original Norwegian citizenship is of both emotional and practical significance for many thousand Norwegians around the world, said Aaberg.

– Urgent for Norwegians in the UK

UK is scheduled to leave the EU March 29 next year.

– It is important that this bill is enacted and takes effect immediately. It is especially urgent for worried Norwegians living in the UK with Brexit so imminent, Aaberg said. No one knows what will happen when the UK leaves the EU. It may have unknown consequences for Norwegian citizens residing in the UK.

Due to international commitments, changes to the Norwegian Citizen’s Act can take effect earliest one year after it’s adopted by Stortinget (parliament). That means a law change can, at the earliest, become reality in fall 2019.

The bill that will terminate the principle of one citizenship was sent out for hearing on Dec 21, 2017. The deadline for the hearing was March 20 this year, and since then there have been signals from the government that the bill, which would allow dual citizenship, was supposed to be presented to Stortinget (parliament) during spring. This has not yet happened.

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