Sagavoll Folkehøgskole

Norgesskolen is held at Sagavoll Folkehøgskole which is situated in a picturesque environment in Gvarv of Telemark county. Sagavoll boarding school is modern and well equipped for both teaching and leisure activities. The school has nice green playgrounds alongside with two soccer and two sand volleyball courts and a large gym with a wide range of equipment.

We teach both in classrooms and outdoors. The school has five dormitory buildings: Tunheim, Granheim, Furuheim and Bjørkheim built in 1978, and Sagaheim – a renovated historical  building from 1918. Four of the buildings have two floors, while Tunheim only has one floor. Each floor has five single and five double rooms where up to 15 students can be accomodated. One or two employees stay on each floor. In total, the school has 137 beds.

The school is a few minutes walk from a grocery shop, pharmacy and other small shops and ten minutes away by car from Bø, a small town known for it’s summer amuzement park Bø Sommarland and university campus.  For more information about Sagavoll, please visit their website