The Norwegian conservative party, Høyre, has decided to support dual citizenship. – We are happy that Høyre has changed position on this issue, said Hanne K. Aaberg, Secretary General of Norwegians Worldwide.

At Høyre’s national convention last weekend, the government party approved to support dual citizenship in their political program.

– This is a matter of great principal importance to expatriate Norwegians, and we welcome the decision by the convention, said Hanne K. Aaberg in Norwegians Worldwide.

All political parties will hold national conventions this spring, and the issue of dual citizenship will be a topic on almost all of them.

– It was about time that one of the bigger parties now rally behind this cause, said Aaberg. We hope this will inspire the other political parties to follow suit.

The case was voted upon on Sunday 12 March, and was raised by the youth section of the party.

– Høyre’s yes now leads the way for Norway to align with our Nordic neighbors, and dual citizenship gives Norwegians abroad a chance to rightfully keep their connection to Norway, Aaberg said.

Norway is the only Nordic country that does not allow dual citizenship.

Photo: Daniel Skjevik-Aasberg, member of the central board in youth party Unge Høyre, proposed to support dual citizenship on Høyre’s national convention 2017. Fremover/Twitter