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Nordmanns-Forbundet/Norwegians Worldwide is a membership organization and a cultural link between Norway and Norwegians all over the world abroad and other interested parties. Our goal is to be an important contributor in the promotion of Norway, Norwegian culture and Norwegian interests abroad.

Norgesskolen (The Norway School) is a summer school for children and youth, between the ages of 9 to 18 years of age. The school is operated by Nordmanns-Forbundet / Norwegians Worldwide, but is open to everyone regardless of membership. Norgesskolen is targeted at children with Norwegian parentage abroad and in Norway, but others interested in learning Norwegian may also attend. You do not have to be a Norwegian citizen to attend.

The objectives of the school are:

  • To improve language skills for students with previous knowledge of Norwegian as well as beginners, and nurture their interest in Norwegian language and culture
  • To develop the students’ knowledge and interest in Norway
  • To help the students understand and explore their own Norwegian heritage and develop a network of other children from around the world with common backgrounds
  • To teach students to understand and learn about overcoming cultural barriers in a positive way
  • To give students a glimpse into the Norwegian school system

We emphasize the following:

  • To provide learning with qualified teachers, an good curriculum, and fun activities
  • To focus on Norwegian as the daily language of the school, but will use other languages to help students understand Norwegian
  • To be regarded as a school and not as a summer camp
  • To present the Norwegian language and culture to give the students a positive experience and motivate to build on the knowledge later
  • To build a social network between the students



The following Terms and Conditions identify the framework under which Nordmanns-Forbundet / Norwegians Worldwide will operate Norgesskolen.

Participation fee

  1. We agree to pay to Norgesskolen the Participation Fee in accordance with the terms set forth in this document and the invoices sent to us.
  2. We agree to pay a NOK 1500 Non-refundable registration Fee to Norgesskolen upon registration. Participants registered before February 1 will be refunded the Registration Fee in the final invoice. Withdrawal of participant after June 15th results in a payment of half the fee. In case of a withdrawal less than 2 weeks prior to the school, we agree to pay the full fee.
  1. We understand that should Nordmanns-Forbundet / Nowegians Worldwide cancel the school and not provide an alternative, Nordmanns-Forbundet / Norwegians Worldwide will refund all fee payments previously paid by us. This with the exception of “Force majeure” where a result can be a refund of parts of the fee based on a calculation of the Norgesskolen fixed costs.
  1. We understand that Norgesskolen sets the fee based on financial analysis of all anticipated expenses at the time of program planning. We accept that Norgesskolen reserves the right to increase the fee if Norgesskolen must pay increased costs beyond its control, and that we will be notified as to the reason for this necessity.


Safety and support

  1. Norgesskolen strives to promote a positive experience, but cannot guarantee the health and safety of participants. We understand that during the school term, participants must obtain approval from Norgesskolen for independent travel or excursions outside of the school area.
  1. It is understood that during the school term, participants will not drive a car or any other vehicle requiring a license according to local laws. It is understood that failure to comply is cause for termination from the program and an early return home.
  1. It is understood that participants will follow the rules of conduct at Norgesskolen. Disregard or violation of these responsibilities and requirements may be cause for termination from the program and an early return home. Parents will need to cover costs associated with early termination. We will give students warnings and counsel with parent before returning the student home. 
  1. It is understood that Norgesskolen maintains the sole right to make dormitory placements or replacements as Norgesskolen if necessary during the school. Participants must accept placement without regard to race, creed or color.
  1. It is understood that Norgesskolen has no responsibility or liability for any claims for damages or injuries claimed to have been caused by the acts or omissions of participants during the school term, and that the prosecution of any claims for damages or injuries suffered by participants during the school term is the sole responsibility of the participant and his or her parents or legal guardian. Norgesskolen, on our request, will assist in recommending possible legal counsel. However, Norgesskolen has no obligation to defend participants against claims based on such acts or omissions and will not provide such a defense.
  1. Laws on drug use are severe in Norway and may carry imprisonment. We understand and agree that participants are subject to the laws of Norway and the local community; that neither Norgesskolen nor the national government of the participant’s citizenship has the ability to protect the individual from punishment with respect to involvement with illegal substances or any other illegal activities. We understand that in the event of legal proceedings related to such offences or other legal matters, we are responsible for any legal fees and costs. Additionally, we understand that use of tobacco or alcohol is not allowed at Norgesskolen. In the case of suspected alcohol abuse, the student will be subjected to a breathalyzer exam.

 Termination of Program in Progress

  1. Norgesskolen reserves the right to cancel an individual’s participation and to return the individual home early if she/he violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or develops personal behavior or pursues actions which in the sole judgment of Norgesskolen would not be in the best interest of the participant or of Norgesskolen. Examples: a participant’s driving a car (see Paragraph 6) is cause for an early return home; a participant’s use of alcoholic beverages, or use or involvement with drugs for non-medicinal purposes (see Paragraph 10) are cause for an early return home.

If a participant, with or without our agreement, decides not to complete the school term he or she will be released early and will not be permitted to remain at the school. We understand that program services will be forfeited for the remainder of the school term.

Norgesskolen reserves the right to terminate an individual’s participation and to return the individual home early if he or she develops a medical condition that prohibits his or her continued active participation in program responsibilities, or, if in the opinion of medical professionals, the patient should be returned home for ongoing treatment and care.

We understand that the health information submitted with the program registration must be true and complete without errors or omissions. Should any serious medical incident occur after the registration is submitted, but before departure at the school, we will inform immediately inform Norgesskolen. We understand that errors and omissions in the health information will jeopardize the participant’s participation and may result in termination of an individual’s participation and return home.

It is understood that in situations described in these examples, the fee is non-refundable and parent will cover any transport costs.


Transportation and travel arrangements

  1. Norgesskolen will provide arrival transportation from Oslo to Norgesskolen at no extra cost to the student. Students may come to the school on their own or with parents/guardian/family as agreed upon beforehand between parents/guardian, student and Norgesskolen. Parents/guardian/family may pick up the student at Norgesskolen on the departure date. Norgesskolen will also provide departure transportation from Norgesskolen to Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Oslo City Centre on the departure date at an extra expense.

The student is responsible for any and all travel expenses between the point of departure and Oslo. We agree to abide by the departure and return dates, travel arrangements, mode of travel and itinerary determined by Norgesskolen or appointed agent. We understand that failure to abide by such arrangements can result in forfeiture of program services.

  1. We agree to reimburse Norgesskolen for any additional travel or other costs incurred because a participant fails to comply with document requirements, pertinent travel conditions and responsibilities, or because of inappropriate action on the part of the participant.
  1. We understand and agree to the following terms concerning transportation:


In the selection of carriers (surface, sea and air transportation) every reasonable effort will be made to insure that the carriers selected meet the standards of competence prevalent in the local community. When Norgesskolen arranges transport for participants, Norgesskolen is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or injury to property or person resulting from the provision of travel services or transport. All dates, times, itineraries and carriers are subject to change and Norgesskolen is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage by adjustment of travel schedules.

Baggage and Personal Property

Norgesskolen has no liability for loss or damage to baggage or other personal property. Furthermore, any claim filed with a carrier for damage or loss of property will be limited and subject to the terms of the ticket(s) or contract of carriage issued to the participant by the airline or other purveyor of transport.

Medical support

  1.  We understand that each participant Norgesskolen needs to arrange private health and accident insurance if the participant is not already covered under a national health and accident insurance plan. Norgesskolen does not pay for medical expenses incurred after participants return home (except to the extent that supplemental insurance coverage has been secured), whether or not such expenses are related to conditions arising during participation in the program.
  1. We understand that Norgesskolen is not responsible for costs related to pre-existing medical conditions, preventive medication or immunization, dental care, eyeglasses, contact lenses, routine eye exams, cosmetic or elective surgery no matter when medical services are rendered or cost incurred. We understand that if the participant needs such care, we may be contacted directly by our child or his or her host family requesting authorization for the procedure and funds for payment, and that we will forward the necessary funds directly to our child or his or her host family.

We understand that the participant is fully responsible for the transport and care of any medical equipment and medications required for maintenance of any pre-existent medical conditions. We will not hold Norgesskolen accountable for medical care or treatment pertaining to pre-existing conditions. We agree to reimburse Norgesskolen should it incur expenses pertaining to any of the above-mentioned circumstances.

  1. Final determination of medical care and treatment is the decision of the natural parents/guardian. Concerning medical care and treatment we understand and accept the following conditions:

a) In the selection of medical care providers, every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the care providers selected meet the standards of competence prevalent in the local hosting community. We understand that the laws of confidentiality and medical practice procedures in some countries may restrict Norgesskolen’s access to medical records and documentation regarding treatment of the participant.

 b) Should any medical emergency arise, if time permits, Norgesskolen will request permission from us for surgery or other necessary treatment; however, if in the sole judgment of Norgesskolen, time and circumstances do not permit communication with us, we authorize Norgesskolen to consent to medical treatment, the administration of x-ray examination, anesthetics, blood transfusion, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital care which is deemed advisable by, and is to be rendered under the general or special supervision of any physician and surgeon.

c) Should the attending physicians recommend medical evacuation, once the participant leaves the school and arrives in the receiving facility, Norgesskolen ceases to be responsible for the participant.

 d) We will not hold Norgesskolen responsible for any actions relating to emergency treatment.

Private information and its use

  1.  We understand and accept that Norgesskolen may process the personal information that we have provided here, in the application process, and during the school term, and may transmit such data to third parties for any purpose reasonably required for the proper organization and fulfillment of the school. We understand that the data will not be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties for any purpose
  2. We allow Norgesskolen to use pictures of our daughter/son on our homepage, in other social medias, articles and all features or any other context of Norgesskolen. We also give our permission for our son/daughter to participate in short videos published in these Medias.
  3. I agree that Norgesskolen may post photos of the student in a closed Facebook page for students, parents and grandparents.
  4. I agree that Norwegian television, radio or newspaper may film or interview the student. We will always ask the student for permission on beforehand. The student will not be interviewed or filmed if she/he does not agree to it.

Should parents wish for their children/youth not to be reproduced on pictures or filmed at all, a separate agreement has to be made between Norgesskolen and the parents. If so, please send an e-mail to

  1. We allow Norgesskolen to contact us before and after the school for acquisition of statistic information, feedback, testimonials and information concerning future Norgesskolen activities.
  1. If any Term or Condition of this Agreement shall be invalid or not enforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.
  1. Possible claims and disputes with regards to this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Norway. We understand that such claims and disputes will be resolved based on the Norwegian language version of this agreement.