Selbuvotter: Make sure your friends and family stay warm with these traditional Norwegian mittens! The Selbu knitting pattern is an important brand for the small Norwegian town of Selbu and is known across the country.  If you are extra skillful you could even make them yourself, and by this adding a personal touch to the gift.You can buy them at Selbu Husflid.

Dale Sweater: Dale is a unique consept based on long traditions, and all the production is in Norway. The sweaters are very exclusive, and can last a lifetime.You can buy them at

Norgesskolen: This is the perfect gift for your child or your grandchild. Through attendance they get a unique experience, friends from all over the world and a steep learning curve in the Norwegian language. The school is located in Tomb, outside Oslo, every summer for three weeks. Go to to learn more and register.

Norwegian Cheese Slicer (Ostehøvel): To be able to cut the Norwegian brown cheese (brunost) perfectly, your friends and family need this traditional Norwegian device, invented and developed by NorwegianThor Bjørklund in 1925. He was annoyed by the thick slices of cheese he got with a knife, and wanted to make a more efficient tool. You can buy them at

Membership in DNT – the Norwegian Trekking Association: Hiking is a great way to discover Norway. DNT is Norway’s biggest outdoor activities organization. For over 140 years, they have been working to promote trekking and to improve conditions for all who enjoy the country’s outdoor attractions. They have a total of 460 cabins across the country. Members are given discounts on lodgings at all cabins and on served meals at the staffed lodges. A regular one year membership costs NOK 570,-.

Membership in Norwegians Worldwide: The  members of Norwegians Worldwide become part of our global network of Norwegians abroad, receive our monthly electronic newsletter, a discount at Norgesskolen, and many other benefits. We have members all over the world and chapters and representatives in eight countries.

Paperback Books: They are light, which is good if you are shipping your present. You could choose Happy Times in Norway, by Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Sigrid Undset. Undset (1882-1949) lived in the United States from 1940 to 1945, in exile because of the German occupation of Norway. Happy Times in Norway is a humorous picture of Undset’s own blissful home life before her nation fell to the Nazi occupation. You can buy the book at

Norwegian Flag: Easy to ship and great to have when you get visitors from Norway, celebrating a birthday and of course on May 17. The current flag of Norway was designed in 1821 by Fredrik Meltzer. Meltzer was one of the signatories of the Norwegian Constitution of 1814. Norway had 16 official flag days in 2013. Go to for an overview, and to Flaggfabrikken to buy a flag.

Reflector: The gift that saves lives! In dark winter nights, the reflector is very important to remember if you are walking outside. Pedestrians tend to believe that when they see the car, the driver also sees them. But in the dark it is almost impossible for the driver to see you, if you aren’t wearing a reflector. By wearing a reflector you reduce the risk of being hit by 85 percent, according to can buy a refector at