The Norwegian online TV show Skam (Shame) has hit a nerve in the Norwegian audience, and people of all ages are embracing the consept, which is originally aimed at 15 year olds. The series lives a social media life on Instagram, and you can follow the storyline through a combination of daily online clips, instagram posts and weekly episodes. The creators of the show performed a bunch of in depth interviews with real life teenagers as part of their research, in order to create a realistic depiction of teen’s everyday lives.

The story revolves around five girls; Noora, Eva, Vilde, Sana, and Chris. They all attend their first year of high school in Oslo, where they struggle with the usual teenage problems, and then some more. The first season followed Eva as the main character, who struggled with keeping up at school, and a distant mother. The second season is almost over and here we have been following Noora, a strong-minded girl who falls in love with the most popular guy in school, William.

For many of the show’s viewers, who are well above the target age, the series is a sneak peek into the teen universe, with their self-made expressions (hooking: means making out) and rulling (means partying in a russebuss). The russetid is a central theme throughout the show, and refers to the end of high school in Norway, when the graduates celebrates for weeks, wearing red or blue suits, and gather in their buses (russebuss).

The actors are young, and therefore NRK is protecting them from the media. They don’t give any interviews and the show has not been marketed. But last weekend in Norway’s Emmy’s (Gullruten) they appeared on stage as presenters, and the show won three awards, for best newcomer, best drama and best new series.

250 000 saw the first episode online. NRK’s ​​chief analyst, Kristian Tolonen, told Dagbladet these figures are very unusual. –  In 2016, most people are still watching television in the traditional way. So these numbers are pretty hefty, says Tolonen to Dagbladet.

According to Hakon Moslet, editor at NRK P3, the series has made online history for NRK. – It is the most popular series on online TV ever. Never before have so many seen a NRK series online, said Moslet Dagbladet.

The show can be seen abroad as well, online at NRK TV.