Before Norgesskolen

Registration of information about the students
We have a new online registration form at our webpages. In the first part, you sign up the student to Norgesskolen and pay a deposit. In the second part of the form, you fill in information about the student´s health, language level and read and accept the contract. In the last part of the form, you register the travel information and numbers of persons attending the final show and lunch at the last day at Norgesskolen. You will receive information by e-mail about when to fill in part two and three of the form.

School regulations
We will send you our school regulations before the school starts, and we kindly ask you to go through them together with the student before the departure to Norgesskolen. We emphasize that the use of alcohol and drugs are prohibited. Smoking is also prohibited.  The Norgesskolen staff will ensure that these rules are complied with. Any violation of the rules could lead to immediate dismissal from Norgesskolen, of course only after contact with parents or guardians.

Lice test
We have started checking the students for lice at arrival. We also need you to check your child for lice ahead of time before arrival at Norgesskolen. Lice are unpleasant but natural. Lice are transmitted easily, and everybody can get it. However, it can take time to get rid of. We encourage therefore everybody to help us avoid lice at Norgesskolen.

Equipment list
If you wonder  what to pack before Norgesskolen, please read the equipment list.


At Norgesskolen

Talent evening
Each year, we have a talent evening where the students may stand on the scene and show their talent. Some sing, others play an instrument, dance or tell jokes. The students think it is fun both to participate and to watch. We have so many talented students.

Student bank, valuables and pocket money
The students will only have the possibility to lock the doors to their rooms when they are not present and not during the night due to security reasons. To keep students from having to have much money or other valuables in their rooms, we have a student bank that students are encouraged to use. The bank has set opening hours and students may withdraw money. By paying the school fee, you deposit NOK 300 to a pocket money account for the student. If the student wants to bring more money, they need to bring a credit card or Norwegian money themselves. Students are responsible for any money and valuables they bring with them.

Clothing and washing
All clothes should be well marked, especially for the younger students. The staff will wash their clothes.  The older students will do their own laundry. Norgesskolen covers the cost of laundry. There will be time to wash clothes the first two weeks in shifts. The school provides duvets, pillows, bed linens and towels for all the students. The equipment list will confirm what students should bring in general. We also provide tent, sleeping pads and bags for the camping trip.

Contact with students
Every year, we have students who become homesick. We are aware of this and we follow these students in particular. Usually, the homesickness disappears after some days. In these instances, students usually do not get better with a lot of parental contact.

We thus encourage you to call the director before calling the students too much if they feel homesick. The staff also has daily meetings where we discuss the student well-being or if someone should feel homesick. We talk to many of the students as we go to assist in different challenges. We also talk to students if they break the rules of conduct. We will follow up on the students during the whole stay, but we will also work to give the students freedom under responsibility depending on age and maturity.

Room inspection routines
The students are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy. We have therefore introduced a room inspection procedure where the director at Norgesskolen checks the rooms every third-fourth day giving a grade to the dormitory floor as a whole. This encourages everybody to participate. We announce the room inspection the day before and the best dormitory floor receives a small present one of the last evenings at Norgesskolen. We have a good experience from this routine, and most of the students tidy well.