Photo: Norges Bank

Prices for Norgesskolen 2019

  • Regular price: 23 600 kr.
  • Norwegians Worldwide membership price: 22 600 kr.*
  • Sibling price (from child 2): 22 000 kr.

* Discount is only given to existing Norwegians Worldwide members or in combination with the establishment of membership when signing up.

The registration deadline is February 1st. A fee of NOK 1500,- per student is due upon registration to Norgesskolen 2020. This fee will be refunded for all participants registered before February 1st.

The school fee includes:

  • Transport from Oslo to the school (Sagavoll)
  • Room and board
  • School supplies
  • Teaching and after class activities
  • Excursions
  • T-shirt
  • Accident and liability insurance (including students who are not registered in the Norwegian Folketrygd)

Note: If you need transport on the departure date it will be charged extra.

Pocket money
Pocket money of NOK 500 per student is not included in the school fee. It will be added to the invoice. The money is kept in a “bank” and given to the students at Norgesskolen.

Norgesskolen holds accident and liability insurance for their students, including students who are not registered in the Norwegian Folketrygd. All students must be covered by a travel insurance along with a health insurance before traveling. Norgesskolen does not provide that.

Sign up deadline 
After the general deadline February 1st Norgesskolen has rolling admission. We welcome students as long as we have available spots. We do however, recommend to sign up the student before the end of April to secure a spot.

Register your child and welcome to an educational and fun summer school!