Q&A Norwegians Abroad - Caroline Martens

Caroline Martens is a professional golfer who is based in London, and travels the world with her job.

Where do you live and what are you up to there?

I live in Buckinghamshire, Denham when i am in England, and mostly when i am there i play golf and train. The reason for why i moved to England in the first place was so i could practice more and better and to develop into a better golfer.

When did you move out of Norway the first time, and how do you remember it?

I moved to South Africa when i was 14 years old. It was amazing and i loved every day i spent there. I lived there for one year and went to a public high school which was so much fun coming from a culture so different from South Africa. The memories and experiences gained by living in a different country at that age is something that helped me shape much of who i am today.

What is the best thing about living where you live now?

I love London, it is such a beautiful city but also its so convenient in terms of travel and practice.

Do you think Norwegians are perceived in a certain way?

Yes i do think norwegians can be perceived a certain way. I heave heard that some people find Norwegians to be very competitive, determined, sometimes cold and assertive and sometimes very direct. I am not sure if its very true as i have friends that both fit and don’t fit these stereotypes but I do think every culture has its own traits.

What do you consider the most important factors to succeed, thrive, and be happy in a new country?

-To be independent and to not depended on anyone else then yourself for your own happiness. But also to be humble enough to embrace the new aspects of the new culture you have moved into.

Do you think Norway has changed since you moved?

-I have lived away from Norway since i was 18 so yes Norway have changed a lot these past 11 years. But at the same time everything is so familiar when i come home and even though development and growth is all around home is still home.

Do you miss Norway?

-Yes i do. I know that Norway is where i want to live in the future and what will always be my home.

What in the society you live in would you ike to see more of in Norway?

-As a golfer i would love golf to be as popular in Norway as it is in England and as a person i would love for Norway to be as friendly and polite as England.

Where did you first learn about Norwegians Worldwide?

-I heard about it when i moved to London a year ago.

Is there any particular issue/issues you think Norwegians Worldwide should raise awareness and focus on?

I think Norwegian worldwide already does a great job covering many good ideas and issues. I personally do not per today see anything that i wish was addressed but there is always new and fascinating or interesting stories to cover or issues that needs light.