Mina Lolland is living in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

When did you move out of Norway the first time, and how do you remember it?

-I first moved from Norway in 2011 to attend a semester in New York City with Gateway College studying Fashion Management. I was excited and loved to live in New York but I also had trouble sleeping because of all the noise from the city. 

What is the best thing about living where you live now? 

-I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii working on an OPT visa that allows students who have completed their degree in the U.S. to work for up to 1 year within their major. The best thing about living in Hawaii is the warm weather and all the outdoor activities that you can do for free here like surfing, snorkeling, hiking etc.

Do you think Norwegians are perceived in a certain way?

-I think Norwegians abroad are perceived different than Norwegians in Norway. The reason being Norwegians abroad are more outgoing because they are new to the place and want to get to know people and experience the culture. Norwegians in Norway I think are perceived as more rude and just keep to themselves. 

What do you consider the most important factors to succeed, thrive, and be happy in a new country?

 -The most important factors to succeed, thrive, and be happy in a new country I will say is to read about where you are going and be open minded. It is rarely going to be exactly how you imagined it to be living in a new country. Also having a lot of savings would help, especially being a student in a new country or in the U.S. was hard when the exchange rate changed so much and the dollar was worth more, and the tuition all of the sudden was way more than what we first paid when we started school. 

Do you think Norway has changed since you moved?

-I think it has changed a little politically but I think it is mostly the same. 

Do you miss Norway?

-I don’t miss the long winters, but I miss my friends, family, and the bread. American bread is very soft and not so healthy. 

What in the society you live in would you like to see more of in Norway? 

-People help each other more here in Hawaii with small favors and more people contribute to the community with beach clean-ups, sustainability and food drives etc. 

Where did you first learn about Norwegians Worldwide?

-I learned about Norwegians Worldwide from Facebook when I saw that Hege was the representative for Hawaii and it got me interested in knowing more about it. 

Is there any particular issue/issues you think Norwegians Worldwide should raise awareness and focus on? 

-Any issues I think Norwegians Worldwide should raise awareness and focus on would be what to do in emergency situations maybe, what to do if you loose your passport and you’re far away from the Embassy, or who to contact in emergency situations like natural disasters or terror attacks.