Students, parents and grandparents may have many questions before sending their child or grandchild to Norgesskolen. Here we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you have other questions, please send an e-mail to

How do they live at Norgesskolen?
The students live in dormitory houses at Sagavoll. There are both single and double rooms, showers and bathroom and a lounge area. The students are divided into age- and gender – groups.  Each group has their own dorm leader – a counselor in charge. The counselors have fairly good knowledge of the student’s whereabouts at all times. The students may request a type of room and / or a special roommates, and we will do our best to satisfy them.

Can the siblings stay in the same room?
The students at Norgesskolen are divided into boarding groups by age and gender. For practical reasons, the boys live on one floor, and the girls on another. The same-sex siblings may well share a room if the age difference is not too great. Before you sign up for the kids, check if the elders really want to share a room with the youngest. At Norgeskolen, the siblings have lots of touch points throughout the day in groups, in the dining room, during activities, and both younger and older students make their own friends. If a younger child gets homesick, older siblings always have the opportunity to be with the youngest, often in the evenings.

What about the food?
We have our meals in the dining hall and the dorm leaders eat with their groups. A regular Norwegian diet is served at Sagavoll, including among other things a lot of bread, which can be unusual for some.  For breakfast, we get oat meal, fresh bread, knekkebrød (crackers), jam, cheese, ham and fresh fruit. For lunch there may be salads, soups or other warm dishes along with bread or rolls. For dinner, we have meat or poultry four times a week, fish twice a week and a vegetarian dish once a week. Vegetarians, vegans and students with allergies are served special food daily. For supper, the students eat packet food they have prepared themselves during lunch (stored in a cool place). We sometimes experience that students complain about the food. However, the kitchen staff at Sagavoll are doing their best to provide Norgesskolen with a rich choice of good quality food.

My child needs a special diet – what do we do?
It is important that we get detailed information about your child’s diet so that we can notify the kitchen at Sagavoll in advance. You fill in information about special diets or allergies in form 2 (information about the student).

Can they do laundry there?
Yes, they are able to do laundry. It is important that all clothes are labeled, especially for the younger students as the group leaders do their laundry. We assume that the older students do their own laundry. Norgesskolen covers the expenses for laundry.

What do we pack?
In addition to regular clothes, we recommend that you bring rain-wear, warm and wind stopping clothes and shoes for both out and indoor use. Remember to pack swimwear and a towel for swimming. The school supplies pillows, duvets, bed sheets and towels to all students. For more information, please read the equipment list.

May one bring a cell phone, iPad and a laptop?
You may bring a cell phone, iPad and laptop. They can however only be used in the communication hour. Then students contact their families, chat with friends and play games. Sometimes we use laptops and iPads in class for educational purposes. The teachers will let the students know when it is needed.

Should they bring pocket money?
When paying the school fee you may add 500 NOK as pocket money.  We have a student bank where the students may withdraw their cash. The bank is administrated by the staff of Norgesskolen. The student may bring more money or a credit card if needed. We emphasize that cash and other valuables are student’s own responsibility.

Does one have to know Norwegian before coming to Norgesskolen?
No knowledge of Norwegian is required to attend Norgesskolen. In the classes, the students are divided into groups after age and language ability.

Is it possible to attend Norgesskolen for a shorter period?
Norgesskolen is a comprehensive 2.5 week teaching and activity program and a summer camp. We recommend all students to attend Norgesskolen throughout the whole period in order to benefit and enjoy activities and excursions. Our students make new friends very quickly, and after what they tell us, the time away from the family is not experienced as long. We have had students who for various reasons had to leave earlier, and it is always quite sad for them and their new friends to say goodbye. But we understand that homesickness can occur in a new environment. Every year we have tough nine and ten year olds who forget to call home from Norgesskolen, because they are too busy with their new friends, and older children who need some time to warm up and adjust. You as parents know best weather your child is mature and independent enough to be away from the family for 18 days.

What happens if my child has to leave?
Sometimes during Norgesskolen students have to go home either because they fall ill, have home sickness or because they have violated the school rules. If this were to happen, the student’s parents/contact person will be notified in advance, and the return will happen at your own cost. In these cases, Norgesskolen does not refund any of the costs as expenses for personnel and rent are the same.

Do you have rules for drugs, alcohol and tobacco?
We emphasize that alcohol and any type of narcotics are strictly forbidden. It is not allowed to smoke at the school. As a part of looking out for the students, the staff will make sure that these rules are followed. Violation of the conduct may lead to expulsion. If this were to happen, the student’s parents/contact person will of course be notified in advance, and will have to cover the transportation cost.

Can one bring an instrument?
Yes, you can bring your own instrument. The students will have time to practice in the evenings. We encourage students to show their talents on our talent night and at the final show. We also have access to several pianos, guitars and drums at the school. We often hear and enjoy a lot students playing music.

Do they have to be Norwegian citizens to attend?
The students do not have to be a Norwegian citizen to attend. Most of the students are, but students of all nationalities are welcome to join.

What happens if my child gets sick?
We follow the student to a physician if he/she gets sick. If the condition is serious, we notify the parents or other contact persons. If the student is older than 16, there is a fee to be paid for the medical consultation. Norgesskolen usually covers those bills, however we expect the parents to refund extra expenses.

My child has special needs, can he/she attend Norgesskolen?
It depends on the needs. At Norgesskolen, we have a combination of classes and physical activities. The students should be able to attend the different classes and activities. For more details, please contact