Lihkku beivviin!

At the 15. Nordic sami conference, held Helsinki in 1992, it was decided that February 6 is to be the sami national day. Teh date was chosen to mark the first meeting gathering samis from Norway and Sweden in Throndheim 6-9 February in Trondheim, in 1917.

February 6 we celebrate the sami national day together with the sami people in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

Læhkoeh biejjine – Vuorbbe biejvijn – Lihkku beivviin – Gratulerer med dagen!

1024px-sami_flag.svg_The Sami flag.

The Sami people live in four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The total population in these four countries is estimated at approx. 80,000, of whom around half live in Norway. About half of these people talk Sami.